A Guide to Buying the Best CBD Products

In such a competitive space, finding the best CBD on the current hemp circuit is often a difficult task. Whether you are seeking the best CBD oil or CBD for topical use, it’s important you trust the brand in which you choose to invest. Not sure how to shop for the best CBD or how to find the best price for CBD oil? Let us put your mind at ease, so you know how to purchase the best possible cannabidiol product from a trustworthy source.

What to Look for on a CBD Label 

Do not trust a label just because it speaks to you. No matter how attractive, the best CBD companies are not the ones spending the money on fancy artwork and trendy packaging. The best CBD products are backed by those who take the time to do proper testing – and refine their results. Owen Martinetti, CEO of both Hempchain Farms and Naturae Oils, and founder of the New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association – which aims to solve regulatory issues surrounding cannabis in New York State – says customers should be looking for four things. When shopping for the best CBD, keep the following in mind:

  1. Brand reputation: Take a look at what the brand’s current clients are saying about the CBD product; look at both negative and positive reviews and testimonials to see if the product actually works
  2. Test results: All reputable CBD brands should be testing the finished product for heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, microbials and cannabinoid profiles
  3. Ingredient panel: Make sure the ingredients used are healthy; take the time to research each ingredient on the list before consumption
  4. Certifications: Following CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations is important to the final product; NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), organic and kosher certifications are also positive indicators of a good product

When searching for the best CBD available, Martinetti urges consumers to look for transparency in the products they choose. “If you care about what you are taking [and you should], you will stick to brands that focus on quality and customer experience.” Available information on where and how a product is made is a trustworthy indicator, while published test results ensure the cannabidiol CBD is safe to consume. And, just as you check your food labels, the ingredient list on the best CBD tincture should be visible, so you know what you are consuming.

Red Flags to Bookmark When Buying CBD Products

When it comes to buying the best CBD, a brand that does not invest the time and money in testing and certification is one to flag. Additionally, test results that do not yield full information on the finished product – and only the CBD profile – may have something to hide. “Reputable brands will take the time to test more in depth,” says Martinetti. “You want to know that the brand isn’t cutting any corners when making a product,” he explains.

What are the safest and most common CBD product ingredients? 

On the heels of the recent vape crisis, it is more important than ever before to confirm there is no Vitamin E oil in any CBD you plan to inhale. “There is little research into exactly what [certain oils] do to our lungs when inhaled,” says Martinetti. “When it comes to consuming CBD products, depending on what you’re taking the product for, less is more.” When shopping for the best CBD vape oil, tinctures, topicals and more, stick with these three ingredients:

  1. Natural flavors
  2. A carrier oil, such as organic MCT oil or hempseed oil*
  3. The CBD extract

*Both of these oils fall into the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) categorization under the FDA.

Which is the best CBD oil varietal? 

There are three types of CBD extracts available in the marketplace: broad spectrum CBD oil, CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD. So, which is right for you? “Broad spectrum and CBD isolate both bring a sense of comfort, because they don’t contain detectable levels of THC,” explains Martinetti. Full spectrum CBD products, on the other hand, contain trace amounts of THC. Legally, hemp-derived products can only contain 0.3 percent THC on a federal level.

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How to Determine the Best CBD Prices

When deciding on the best brand of CBD oil for your personal use, cost is a major player. “Price tag is a difficult way to determine quality,” Martinetti shares. “It doesn’t give you the full picture.” The best way to go about this process is to conduct an educated search. Questions you should ask when shopping for the best CBD include:

  • Where and how is the hemp from this CBD oil grown?
  • Which ingredients does this CBD product contain?
  • How is the CBD extracted from the hemp?
  • Are there great reviews and testimonials backing this CBD brand?
  • Are there official certification logos on the bottle and packaging?
  • Does this CBD company conduct proper testing?
  • Are there test results beyond the CBD profile?
  • Is there a customer service center I can contact if I am unhappy with the product?

Once you are able to answer all of the above questions, you can rest assured that you will be able to locate the best CBD oil to help with your medical treatment – with the utmost confidence.