How to Use CBD: From Oils and Topicals to Edibles and Vapes

What is CBD oil? What are CBD topicals? What is CBD candy used for? When you’re just starting out with CBD consumption, it’s important to note that each person’s uptake and response is different. Your mom might only see results when consuming a CBD tincture, while your friend may have greater success when smoking a CBD vape pen. Luckily, as the CBD craze continues to spread, so does the creativity surrounding inventive cannabidiol products and formats. Need an education on how to use sublingual CBD, CBD balm uses and more? We’ve done the legwork to break everything down in an easy-to-read cheat sheet below.

Sublingual CBD

Learning how to use CBD tincture options means understanding sublingual consumption. ‘Sublingual’ is defined as something that is either situated or applied under the tongue. CBD tinctures are considered sublingual applications, and the reason this is such a popular CBD trend is because a dropper can be placed under the tongue and absorbed and activated within just a few minutes, making it one of the more bioavailable (the rate and degree at which CBD is absorbed by the circulatory system) formats of cannabidiol. Studies have shown rates between 13 and 35 percent bioavailability for sublinguals. The best CBD oil on the market works its magic almost instantaneously. When deciding on your personal CBD tincture oil uses, you will come across three, main types:

  • Full spectrum CBD
  • Broad spectrum CBD
  • CBD isolate

The differences in the above varieties are dependent on the method of extraction. Both broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolate do not contain traces of THC, while full spectrum CBD can include up to 0.3 percent THC, according to federal law.

Tip: When discovering how to use sublingual CBD, hold the oil under your tongue for 60 to 90 seconds, which allows the mouth to absorb the compounds and the body to bypass the liver and digestive system.

CBD Edibles and Ingestibles

Among the benefits of CBD edibles is that some allow uptake through the mouth for high bioavailability. CBD gummies, candies and drinks are considered sublingual edibles and ingestibles, because they enter your system through the oral cavity – this makes these formats of CBD great choices, too. On the other hand, although CBD pills, cookies or other snacks might be fun and tasty in theory, they must pass through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which can take hours to kick in, depending on your body. With the GI system involved, bioavailability reaches only between the 4 and 12 percentiles. Keep the following in mind:

  • Sublingual edibles: Gummies, candies and drinks are great CBD edible choices, because cannabidiol can be absorbed orally
  • Traditional edibles: Cookies, snacks and pills need time to pass through the GI tract in order to be absorbed, and aren’t as fast-acting as sublingual edibles

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CBD Vaping and Smoking (Inhalants) 

Many CBD consumers are learning how to use CBD oil in a vape pen, too. You can choose not only to vape CBD oil, but smoke hemp flower, as well. Inhalation is reported as the most bioavailable way to consume CBD for immediate relief, and bioavailability ranks from 34 to as high as 56 percent, with near-immediate effects. If you choose this format, make sure to learn about the safest CBD products and ingredients prior to vaping.

CBD Topicals and Transdermals 

Body lotions, salves and CBD lip balm benefits are gained through topical application. You can even purchase CBD eye serum with anti-aging ingredients, as well as CBD face masks for facial treatment. With topicals, your body has the ability to absorb cannabidiol over a long period of time, especially when utilizing a transdermal CBD product, like a CBD patch.

For bath time ritualists, CBD bath bombs are a full-body transdermal to consider, because they contain CBD isolate or CBD oil, along with various relaxing salts, essential oils and herbal infusions. If you go this route, choose a high-dose bath bomb, and allow your body at least 30 minutes to reap the benefits of a therapeutic soak.

Note: Our skin has low permeability, which means it’s difficult for most substances to enter. Because the skin has a lower absorption rate, understanding how to use CBD isolate or oil effectively in topical or transdermal formats includes may mean opting for potent doses.

CBD Suppositories 

The CBD suppositories benefits are experienced by those seeking to treat the vaginal and anal areas of the body. Cannabidiol suppositories are pill-sized inserts that dissolve when applied.

Now that you are armed with knowledge on the different ways you can utilize CBD, learn more about the overall CBD benefits from the advice of a medical marijuana physician.