The Lowdown on Pure CBD Massages

Contrary to popular belief, CBD oil tinctures are just one of the many ways to successfully consume cannabidiol. CBD lotions, creams and salves also offer hemp oil benefits to those seeking relief from the surface of the skin down to deep muscle tissue, which is why CBD mashemp oisages are currently on-trend in the wellness community. Founder of Leafly Therapy, Adelina Sanchez provides CBD hemp massage services to Chicago and Houston-Angleton clients that range from recovering athletes to patients with chronic health issues.

“I’ve been licensed for 12 years now, and have been exposed to a wide variety of clients,” Sanchez says. “I want to focus on clients that I can really help, like the medically fragile and chronically ill – from arthritis to multiple sclerosis to sciatica, and even lymphatic drainage. My sessions are very different, and are customized to what the body needs.”  

Read more about Sanchez’s work as a pure CBD massage therapist, along with tips on what to expect when you book your first CBD massage appointment.

How CBD Products Enhance the Massage Experience

Massage therapists like Sanchez incorporate CBD products into their sessions for different reasons. Sanchez has been working with CBD hemp-infused topicals, like salves and massage-based CBD hemp oil, for four years now. “It was a client of mine with extreme arthritis – rheumatoid arthritis – who introduced me to CBD topical use when she requested I use an ointment of hers.” Sanchez then dove into major research, and has been using CBD for joint pain clients, and others, ever since.

Sanchez says she feels that CBD products, compared to massage products without CBD, work better for her clientele. “CBD relaxes the muscles so much more, so that I can reach deeper muscles, tensions and knots,” she says. “The anti-inflammatory CBD benefits also enhance the experience of relief for my clients. For example, when working with a client with sciatica, the CBD relaxes the muscles and calms the inflammation around the nerve. This gives me access to stretch the area and relieve tension. Because of this, the client experiences relief for a much longer amount of time.”

CBD Uses and Benefits During Massage Therapy

Thanks to the bevy of CBD products currently available on the market, you can pick and choose your format when going into a CBD massage experience. Not sure which type of CBD is right for you? The most basic hemp oil products include:

  • CBD oil: An oil made of CBD is thin, and the application feels much like traditional massage oil. The CBD massage oil benefits go beyond your typical ‘house’ massage oil.
  • CBD hemp lotion: A CBD lotion is thicker and creamier than oil. If you do not like the feel of oil, opt for the CBD cream benefits during your massage, instead.  
  • CBD salve: A salve made with pure CBD oil can also consist of essential oils and beeswax. According to Sanchez, “Beeswax helps the CBD penetrate at a slower and longer interval.” Salve is more of an ointment consistency and thins out upon application.
  • CBD tincture: Although not usually administered during the massage experience, a hemp tincture taken orally may help you relax prior to your appointment.
  • CBD vape oil: If you are seeking quick relief prior to your massage, consider reaping the benefits of CBD oil vape products. Vaping is fast-acting and may help ease your mind heading into your full-body rubdown.

Always try new cannabidiol CBD products out beforehand. Request to spot-test any first-time topicals at the beginning of your session. And, if you plan to take a CBD tincture or vape hemp oil before your appointment, make sure you have tried the product first. Going into your massage with a solid CBD routine underway will help alleviate any stress associated with first-time CBD consumption or products unfamiliar to your body. Click here to read more about how your body responds to CBD.  

What to Expect from a CBD Oil Massage

CBD hemp massage therapists, just like those who do not utilize cannabidiol, incorporate different techniques into their practices. When researching a massage therapist that uses hemp oil products, keep your preferred technique in mind, or call for a consultation ahead of time to ensure the therapist’s expertise matches your needs. When heading in for your first CBD massage experience, you can expect to: 

  1. Consult with your therapist about your health. Take the time to chat about the issue(s) that brought you in for a massage. Be honest about your experience and/or comfortability with using hemp extract and other cannabis-derived products.  
  2. Discuss the CBD product options at your disposal. A therapist who specializes in hemp oil-based massages may have a simple oil for use or other topicals. Survey your options, and request what is best for any ailments, or what feels most comfortable on your skin. Ask about the CBD oil dosage your therapist plans to use. (As a guide, low-dose products can contain from 50 to 150 milligrams of CBD, while higher-dose hemp lotions and topicals can contain 500 to 750 milligrams of CBD.)
  3. Request specific techniques and massage styles. If you are experienced in receiving massages, you may know exactly what you need, so make sure to share your preferences. If you are new to massage, ask questions about techniques – beyond their names. It is important to find out about stretching and compression components, so you can receive the best massage and CBD benefits, or speak up about an offering that might aggravate an existing health condition.

Are you worried a CBD extract-infused massage session will get you buzzed? “I always mention to clients that CBD effects will not give them the high of THC,” Sanchez urges. “I believe this is what confuses the public, but staying open and researching is essential.”

Tip: Since CBD massage therapy is still a fairly new offering in the wellness sector, bring your own CBD hemp oil or topical for your massage, and ask your therapist if he or she can incorporate it into your session. Click here to learn how to shop for the best CBD oil-derived products available online.

Post-CBD Massage Practices to Consider

As far as CBD hemp oil benefits go, following a massage, you may reach a euphoric state of total relaxation, and that is entirely normal. Embrace the blissful feeling. To complement your self-care ritual, consider:

  • Practicing meditation.
  • Taking a nurturing bath with Epsom salt.
  • Enjoying time in a sauna or steam room.  
  • Playing a soundtrack of calming music.
  • Indulging in a cup of soothing herbal tea (think chamomile, lavender or mint).
  • Getting into bed earlier for a sound night of sleep.

Shop for pure CBD products before your next massage!